Tecumseh to China

This is a journal about the trip I'm taking with the Purdue GK12 program on October 9-22. Times are EST, but if you change AM to PM you get the China time! (12 hours ahead of Lafayette) Please write a comment so I can reply to your questions!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What a day! Well, two days! Last night I was pretty exhausted after not sleeping well Monday night, so I crashed about 8pm when we got back from dinner. So what has caused all this fun? Dangkou Middle School! On Tuesday we met them at 9 to make introductions, meet the local officials, principals, translators, teachers and students! I was able to give the Sports Illustrated magazines to the 3 girls Martin, Ming and I talked to after they said their favorite subject was Sports! They loved trying to read the English aloud with some help! They told us about their school day and I shared some pictures from the field trip we took in September, as well as the silly putty lab that Ms. Madden did with my class last year. We looked at a US map and pointed out where we live and I gave the map to the Vice Principal today, she said she would hang it up for the students to see.
We had lunch at a nice restaurant on Tuesday and Wednesday, where there was more food than an average US Thanksgiving meal. So Tuesday afternoon they had us observe 3 classes, Chemistry, Physics, and Math where they studied uses of the Pythagorean theorem (I understood it because there was a right triangle on the board and a^2+b^2=c^2 on the board!) we had no translation, so it was a bit difficult to get what was going on, but we got an idea for how they teach.
Dinner was back here at the hotel. I was very tired during that meal and forgot my camera, so I don't have pictures of that night, but it was very similar to the first dinner we had (at this point they are all blending together!)

(I wrote the rest of this about Wednesday but then the email reset itself and I lost the last part and I'm TIRED so more to come. We head back to Nanjing in the morning.)


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