Tecumseh to China

This is a journal about the trip I'm taking with the Purdue GK12 program on October 9-22. Times are EST, but if you change AM to PM you get the China time! (12 hours ahead of Lafayette) Please write a comment so I can reply to your questions!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More about Wednesday/our lesson

On Wednesday we woke up and went to the school where we presented our lessons. Klondike went first where they taught about Genetics with a smile and then two groups taught during the second class, the group that Ming's group who did they taught about constructing buildings and Ming had a funny skyscraper. While they were teaching in the large group/auditorium room, Jackie and Leo taught in the Chemistry lab. We taught third. Melissa and I enjoyed teaching to the same group of students as they did. Their lesson was about polymers and they had the students make silly putty, so it related to ours, which was about chemical reactions. We had the students create a foldable book where they described and drew pictures of the chemicals. The best part was when they combined the chemicals and had no o idea what would happen and it started to blow up the bag and change colors and heat up. A lot of them seemed afraid and put their bags in the sink after one of them popped open! Everyone started laughing when 4 in a row went off! The time was running short and they didn't know they were supposed to weigh the bags until after the chaos broke, but I think some of them were able to weigh them. That was an important part because they were supposed to be learning about conservation of mass/ After cleaning up, we went to a large banquet hall/ restaurant where we ate with all the teachers that observed us teaching. At the meal was coming to a close, we talked about fish eyes and how good they are for your vision so I decided to try one. It was like eating a pebble In the afternoon we finished discussing the lab with the students over at the middle school classroom where they normally are instructed. Leo told them how he plans to be a doctor and Jackie showed them pictures of the salamanders that she works with. We gave out the banners and the tee shirts for answering questions, and the left over tee shirts we gave to the teacher, but he just pitched them in the class for them to fight over! Then we walked back to the meeting hall. And Dr. Harbor talked about Purdue and then each school did a short presentation. The kids were shocked at how short our school day is. They go from 6-5 everyday! They asked lots of questions for over an hour and then one of the questions was could one of you sing? I had totally forgotten that our group delegated me back at our last meeting for that, and so I stood up and sang God bless America. It was really funny because they were trying to clap to the song! The last question was asked by a young man who wanted to go to Purdue so After the last remarks by the principal I gave him the CD that Michael made he was very happy and many of his classmates seemed a bit jealous. They gave us beautiful scarves as a thank you. We packed up and headed to a beautiful restaurant on the lake. The fish were swarming, there were hundreds of them! There were two rooms inside our house of the water and I was in the room that had Dr Wau, and the interpreter, the principal, the lady magistrate and a few fellows. I wasn't able to take any photos because my battery was dead from all the video I took of the lessons. We started dinner around 5 and got back to the hotel around 8:30.


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