Tecumseh to China

This is a journal about the trip I'm taking with the Purdue GK12 program on October 9-22. Times are EST, but if you change AM to PM you get the China time! (12 hours ahead of Lafayette) Please write a comment so I can reply to your questions!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to all my new visitors, I have a live feed that lets me know who has checked out my blog and I'm thrilled that so many friends have seen the link and checked this out! Please don't forget to come back and see the posts when I'm in China! Tonight was a nice football game with a great opportunity to take some "American" 7th grade football pictures! They played a great 36-16 game against Klondike! Go Bronchos!!! While I was there I ran into Shelley, an 8th grade math teacher from Klondike who is going on the trip to China with us as well. We had fun discussing possible lessons to teach while we are there, and she also shared that the vaccines she had made her arm sore too! We have our 2nd meeting tomorrow at Purdue with the group, so I need to get my list of questions ready.



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