Tecumseh to China

This is a journal about the trip I'm taking with the Purdue GK12 program on October 9-22. Times are EST, but if you change AM to PM you get the China time! (12 hours ahead of Lafayette) Please write a comment so I can reply to your questions!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

technical difficulties!

It's my last night in Beijing and we've had a blast.
A short story to begin: I wish I was able to write the past 2 nights but the power on the left wall of my room was acting weird and literally was frying my power converter to my laptop, causing me to jump out of bed and unplug it before it exploded! (yes, there were popping noises and blue sparks). Thankfully, Monday night my cousin Ben and his wife Lily (who is from Beijing) helped me get a new power converter since my laptop was out of battery juice! Which is why I can now sit here Tuesday evening and work on writing what I've been up to... plan to see something in a few hours!


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